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Notes on the National Pastime
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"A happiness worth pursuing." --George F. Will
Welcome to BASEBALL: Notes on the National Pastime,
a celebration of the most perfect game ever devised and one that perfectly reflects the American character. This website focuses on the history of the game using not just the statistics but the stories behind the numbers. Here you'll find excerpts of the best writing on the greatest sport of all.
Why am I doing this? Because baseball is a game steeped in tradition, and it's amazing how little many fans of the national pastime know about its past. And not just the fans, but the players as well. (Case in point: Don Mattingly, when he was the first baseman for the Yankees, admitted to knowing next to nothing about his legendary predecessor, Lou Gehrig.) Some years ago I realized I didn't know as much as I wanted to about baseball's storied past. Now I read everything about the Greatest Game I can get my hands on. I've got a baseball library that I can't really accommodate. And in all that reading I have found a lot of great excerpts I would like to share. I can also heartily recommend the books from which these "notes on the National Pastime" are derived. The vast majority of the Baseball Daily posts will be about what happened in days gone by. They might be quotes, player profiles, anecdotes, first-person accounts by the people who played the game, stats (occasionally) or book excerpts. For recent news, I've added MLB's RSS feed (bottom of the page). Send comments, criticisms, praise, etc. to me at
The Table of Contents contains all past entries, with the most recent listed first. The Index is a quick and easy way to find specific things.

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